December 13, 2022

Make Money With Us

More people in the United States make their fortune from Real Estate than from any other source.

Make Money With Us

More people in the United States make their fortune from Real Estate than from any other source. This section is dedicated to showing you how to take the money that you have now and turn it into a long term stream of income, tax shelter and equity.

Working with investors has always been a focus of Richard’s practice. He always pushes his clients to consider investment real estate, and the amazing things it can do for you. Besides being incredibly tax advantaged, it is the easiest and most profitable small business you can own. Someone pays your mortgage, expenses and profit, and in 30 years (or less) the mortgage is paid off, and you make even more money!

Richard is also an active investor with several rental properties, and is active in helping his clients manage, maintain and improve their rental properties, and also provides construction management services to several clients building new homes.

Investment properties are not just for wealthy people anymore. You can get into investment properties with way less money than you think, and you can start turning cash flow profit from Day 1 in Los Angeles, and other Southern California Metro areas.

A small apartment building is a great first-time investment. Richard can show you buildings that will give you higher returns and greater appreciation than stocks, bonds, mutual funds and many other investment vehicles. Richard represents many clients in purchasing their first investment property, or institutional investors buying portfolios. Richard can lead you in the investment search, from financing, the purchasing and managing your investment. Below, find more information for investors, or contact Richard for more information.

If you are a bank or asset management company, Richard provides BPOs as well as sales services. Contact Richard to get truly personalized service for your distressed asset disposition.

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Contact Richard if you are looking for something and can’t find it here. Richard has access to a large supply of “off-market” investment properties.

Richard also scours the inventory on a daily basis to find the best new investment property deals on the market. To receive a weekly email with the best new investment deals, sign up below.

Richard Schulman

Richard Schulman

Founder / Rainmaker

Richard is one of Keller Williams’ top producing real estate agents. He has been involved in the sale of over 2,000 homes valued at more than $1,400,000,000, he heads one of the top Keller Williams teams Worldwide, and he consistently ranks in the top 0.1% of all Realtors nationwide. As a native of Los Angeles, he is intimately familiar with the different neighborhoods and environs, and he expertly advises his clients of the right match for them.